The Art of Being Present

When we’re in our 60s and 70s–our retirement years, those are our “Golden Years” when we have the time and means–and should do–the many of the things that we couldn’t afford to, or didn’t have the time to do, when we still had to work for a living.

When we’ve reached our 80s and 90s, those are our “Out to Pasture” years when activity should no longer be of essence in our life. Those are the years to study and reflect, and prepare ourselves for the next phase of our immortality.

Gratitude One

This morning, while preparing my breakfast, I had a choice: did I want to toast two slices of rye bread, or have a crusty bun instead. Did I want peanut butter on my buttered choice or jam or honey. Imagine, how blessed I am by God who not only gave me something to appease my hunger, but gave me a choice of what I’d like to eat for breakfast!

Dear God, Father of us all, please extend this plenitude to all who go without, many without even the very basics of survival. And, especially bless the children who are innocent of the wars, greed and ignorant decisions we adults make.