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Amazing Intelligence in Animals—Magpies and our Cat

  “The fox, when it sees a flock of heron or magpies or birds of any kind, suddenly flings itself on the ground with his mouth open to look as he were dead; and these birds want to peck at … Continue reading

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A Sunday Chat with Myself—Dealing with Scammers

“I have heard that we are spirits having a human experience. Perhaps those of us who have no conscience are dark spirits having a human experience.”  —P.A. Speers I just received another phone call today from a scammer (those guys … Continue reading

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Stick ’em Up!

Our news, when reporting crimes, usually reports on only the more serious ones because, of course, crime is a serious offence–especially robbing banks. However, as a former police officer, I can tell you of many humorous cases that makes the law … Continue reading

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The Hole-diggers

This light-hearted short-short piece of fiction is an attempt by me to deliberately not give names to characters, nor any “he said, she said,” and with a minimum of descriptive action on the part of each character. Yet the reader should … Continue reading

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