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A Sunday Chat with Myself — 14 January, 2018

Health is not valued until sickness comes.¬† For a good many years of my life I’ve had an interest in sound–body healing sound, that is. I believe that sound is what created our universe; sound is energy, and energy is … Continue reading

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My Business

I have retired after over 35 years of being self employed. There are lessons that I’ve learned that I wish to share with you. The sole purpose of a business is to provide a safe, healthy, happy and secure living … Continue reading

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Is your love for animals Selfish or Unselfish?

My wife and I are animal lovers–more correctly, all-of-God’s-creation lovers, and we’ve adopted and fostered quite a number of pets in our time. A person (I forget at the moment¬†who it was nor the circumstance. Doesn’t matter) once commented to … Continue reading

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Treat Your Profession as an Art

A while back we had new linoleum laid in our kitchen and in my office area. It was a pleasure to watch this tradesman at work. Like every other home that I know of, our house is no exception: it’s … Continue reading

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